Decepticon Motormaster K100E

There isn’t another vehicle on the road that single-handedly breaks more laws or exhibits as much road rage as Motormaster does.

Quite simply, he is the coldest, cruelest, and most destructive 10 tons of steel on the highway.

But, until now, Motormaster has not been able to find the Key that will transport him from the virtual Transformers Universe of collectible toys, comics, TV shows and movies onto the real highways and byways of 21st century Earth.

The Spark that finally brought Motormaster to life is Travis Lyon, a lifelong Transformers and tractor-trailer fan, and his team of Kenworth truck restoration experts at Worldwide Equipment in Abingdon, VA.

Motormaster roared to life on June 23rd and was on display for a week at the Abingdon Cinemall—just in time for the debut of the much-anticipated second Transformers movie, “Revenge of the Fallen.”

Who Is Decepticon Motormaster?

Motormaster is one of the most brutal foes in the first generation of Transformers. In fact, Motormaster would argue that he is also the fiercest and most ruthless of all the Transformers. Something he intends to prove when he finally meets up with his archenemy—Autobot leader Optimus Prime.


There is no doubt that Motormaster has impressive abilities to wreak havoc. In vehicle mode, Motormaster is disguised as a Kenworth K100 Aerodyne sleeper truck. Barreling down the highway at 140 mph, he can plow through a 20-foot-thick block of concrete without breaking a single headlight.

In robot mode, this 24-foot-tall Stunticon leader has an atom-smashing cyclone gun that produces 400 mph winds and a powerful proton beam that can destroy all but the strongest of materials. Motormaster can combine with his fellow Stunticons to form the giant robot Menasor.

The virtually unstoppable Motormaster has acquired a new ability that very few Transformers have—the ability to transcend his virtual universe and become real.

Travis Lyon, lifelong Transformers and tractor-trailer fan, combined his passions with a salvaged Kenworth K100E cab-over truck to bring Motormaster to life with the help of big-truck restoration experts at Blue Ridge Kenworth in Abingdon, VA.

To learn more about this amazing yearlong restoration and transformation project, please visit our Project History page.